We make systems work.

Networks and systems enable every business operating today. We keep them running and make enterprise-level features available to small and mid-size organizations.

Our Services Suite

  • Consulting
  • Tell us your business needs, in plain English - no technical buzzwords required. We can evaluate your business and show you how to make IT work for you, not the other way around.
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  • Integration
  • We bring enterprise features and reliability to small+ business budgets - and get it all set up and working on site for you. New equipment is great - new equipment with true turn key installation is better.
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  • Service
  • Active monitoring and offsite remote access means that in many cases, we know about problems before you do - and can proactively reach out and help you faster.
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Openoid Products

Sanoid is a turn-key product that makes enterprise-level features available to small and mid-size organizations, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Enterprise Features SANoid offers features normally only seen in the enterprise.
  • High Performance All SANoid servers feature solid state storage.
  • Simplicity One SANoid server replaces both SAN and one or more virtualization hosts.
  • "I honestly feel as though my business would not be where it is today were it not for us happening into the hiring of Jim Salter."

    W. Chris Clark, CPA // President // Clark Eustace Wagner, PA

  • "Jim’s advice has always been spot on – neither suggesting too little or too much. He understands that companies have limited resources and he does not offer up solutions beyond those that we have truly needed."

    Paul Yoo // President // US Patriot Tactical

  • "Jim Salter is an indispensable part of our team, maintaining our network and being proactive on all of our IT needs. We have comfort knowing that there are redundant bootable backups of all files and databases, offsite and onsite."

    Regina R. Floyd, AIA, LEED AP BD+C // Principal // Watson Tate Savory

Featured Articles

We are also technical writers, maybe you've read some of our stuff. These are some of our most recent published articles.

Bitrot and Atomic COWs

Most people don't care much about their filesystems. But at the end of the day, the filesystem is probably the single most important part of an operating system. A kernel bug might mean the loss of whatever you're working on right now, but a filesystem bug could wipe out everything you've ever done... and it could do so in ways most people never imagine...

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Using the ZFS Filesystem

If btrfs interested you, start your next-gen trip with a step-by-step guide to ZFS. At this point, you have a zpool. That zpool has at least one nice, redundant, self-healing vdev with parity in it. You know how to take snapshots, so now let's look at how to replicate those snapshots to another machine which is also running ZFS...

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NAS4Free vs FreeNAS

One is pleasantly functional; the other continues devolving during a journey of pain. Some truly awesome things about the plugin system: it's automatic. It sets up your optional services in nice tidy jails (a FreeBSD jail is like a Linux LXC container, which is sort of like a virtual machine with much lower overhead)...

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  • Recent Thoughts

  • Demonstrating ZFS pool write distribution
  • One of my pet peeves is people talking about zfs “striping” writes across a pool. It doesn’t help any that zfs core developers use this terminology too – but it’s sloppy and not really correct. ZFS distributes writes among all the vdevs in a pool.  If your vdevs all have the same amount of free space available, this will resemble a simple striping action closely enough.  But if you have different amounts of free space on different […]